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The Interactive chart widget is similar to the embedded widget but allows much more user customization. This is a premium widget and requires your account to be configured for premium access.
Below is a sample Interactive chart:

Installing the Interactive Chart Scripts

Add the following <script> tags to your web page <header> or just below the <body> tag :
<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

Showing the Chart (Method 1 - Inline)

There are two methods for showing the Interactive Chart widget in a web page. Method 1 involes adding some JavaScript at the position in the webpage that the chart should appear(Inlining). To inline a chart, add the following javascript to your html:

<script type="text/javascript">
    var chart = new BFCChart("bfcChart",501, 660, 500);

In the above code a new chart object is created and inserted into the html document at the point in which the script is placed. The parameters for the BFCChart constructor are:


  • controlID - The Element ID of the Chart Control. Must be unique on the html page
  • pubId - Your publisher ID. Assigned to you when you create an account.
  • chartWidth - the width of the chart. Can specify pixels or percent
  • chartHeight - the height of the chart. Cane specify pixels or percent

Showing the Chart (Method 2 - Specifying a Container)

The second method for adding an interactive Chart widget to your web page is to designate a host element for the control. This can be any valid html element (examples: <div>, <span>,<p>,<td>).  Consider the following html fragment:

<p> StockMarket Charts Inc interactive chart demo</p>
<div id='bfcHostDiv'><div>
<p> The Real-time chart above is provided by</p>

<script type="text/javascript">
    var chart = new BFCChart("bfcChart",501, 800, 500);
    chart.targetElement = 'bfcHostDiv';

In the above code a div with the id bfcHostDiv is the location in the document where the chart widget will appear. In the script block the second line of code:  chart.targetElement = 'bfcHostDiv'; instructs the widget to be created inside the div with the id bfcHostDiv.This allows the JavaScript for the chart widget creation and initialization to be located on a different part of the webpage or in a javascript library instead of the position where the chart should appear.

Once created, there are a number of custom properties, functions and events that can be called on the Interactive chart widget. View the properties and methods