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Hover chart custom Methods


The methods on this page are used when you want to manually create your own hover links. See the Manual Hover Chart example

addLoadedHandler(callbackFunction)   Example
Adds a callback function to execute when the hover chart script is loaded and ready to be scripted
addEmbeddedReportTarget(symbol,elementID)   Example
Used to manually create a symbol report
subscribeToSymbol(symbol)   Example
Call to start receiving market data for the specified symbol. Used in conjuction with addEmbededReportTarget
BFC_ChangeSymbol(symbol)   Example
Used to show the hover report for a specified symbol, usually initiated by a mouse over event. example: <a onmouseover='BFC_ChangeSymbol("INTC")'>INTC</a>
BFC_hideTip()   Example
Hides the tip shown with BFC_ChangeSymbol.