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BFCApp(elementId,PubID,width,height) Example
Creates a new application widget object where elementID = ID of the object in the DOM, PubID = your publisher id, width = application width, height = application height.
createApp() Example
Embeds the application Widget inline with the HTML or at the position specified with targetElementID
addLoadedHandler(callback) Example
Adds a callback handler for the application loaded event. callback argument is a string value that contains the name of a function to call when the application has loaded and is ready for scripting.
addButton(buttonName,text,imageURL,toolTip,callbackMethod) Example
Adds a custom button to the top toolbar. The button name is used for the removeButton call. The callbackMethod is the javascript function (without parameters) to call when the button is clicked. Text and imageURL properties are optional but one or the other should be set.
addWatchList(listName,itemJSON) Example
Adds a custom watchlist to the application. The listName parameter is the name of the watchlist as it will appear in the application. the itemJSON parameter is a string of JSON array objects. JSON example:
var itemJSON = '[{ "Symbol": "Ibm", "Price": "23.45", "Shares": "50", "Type": "long", "RefID": "testref1", "EnterDate": "1/1/09" }, { "Symbol": "mot", "Price": "23.45", "Shares": "50", "Type": "long", "RefID": "testref2", "EnterDate": "1/1/09"}]';
Calling addWatchlist multiple times with the same list name will replace the list contents.