General FAQ

Does the market data stream and update in Real-time?

YES! The WatchList Widget is 100% javascript and updates in Real-Time. The Interactive Chart Widget uses the new Silverlight platform from Microsoft to deliver streaming Real-time data to your web page. All market data is updated through the most recent trade.  Silverlight will support all major browsers on both Mac OS X, Linux and on Windows. Particular care is being taken to account for differences in platform and browser capabilities to ensure a consistent experience including experiences on Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer.

Are exchange fees required?

NO! The FreeStockCharts widgets use the BATS exchange which do not required exchange fees or agreements.

Are the widgets really FREE?

YES! You can add the WatchList quote widget and the interactive chart widget(s) to your blog or website for free.

Can I customize the widgets?

YES! Each widget has it's own set of customization options.

Interactive Chart FAQ

Can I have multiple interactive charts in the same page?

YES! You can paste as many embedded charts in to your web page as you want. There is no problem with running multiple charts in your browser.